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Fiduciary in Orange County and Inland Empire

At Safe and Secure Retirement and Insurance Services in Southern California, we do things differently than other financial firms. We believe in getting to know you and what you want your retirement to look like. There are two standards of responsibility that Financial Advisors have towards their clients, the Fiduciary Standard and the Suitability standard. The Fiduciary Standard is the highest standard of responsibility to the client that exists in the Financial Services Industry.

Mark Billes is licensed as a Fiduciary and has earned that title and responsibility as an RICP (Retirement Income Certified Professional) through the American College of Financial Services. As a “Fiduciary” Mark is required to do what is in your best interest, not just what is suitable for you. Mark Billes believes in educating his clients on how the planning process works, what financial products are available, where they fit in the overall portfolio and then he works in partnership with you to makes those final product selections. Typically, products designed for producing income are not good at producing growth. Conversely, products good at producing growth are not good at producing income. Mark will educate you as to what products are best at producing the results you seek and help you customize a plan and portfolio geared to help you achieve your goals.

As an independent Fiduciary in Southern California, Mark is not tied to any one insurance company and has selling agreements with all the major insurance carriers and investment companies. Mark provides independent advice on what is best for you. Fiduciaries are required to do what is in their client's best interest, not what is in the advisors' or the companies best interest.

He is also required to disclose any conflict of interest that may arise between you and Safe and Secure Retirement and Insurance Services. Knowing all this should make you confident that you can trust that Mark Billes is always giving unbiased information and doing what is right for you.

Advisory services are offered through Retirement Investment Advisors, a Registered InvestmentAdvisor in the State of California, Retirement Investment Advisors, a SEC Registered InvestmentAdvisor. Retirement Investment Advisors and Safe and Secure Retirement Insurance Services are notaffiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other government agency.Insurance products and services are offered through Safe and Secure Retirement Insurance Servicesan affiliated company.

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