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When the Inland Empire Needs Long-Term Care Insurance, They Call Our Firm

Many of us will require the assistance of a caregiver towards the end of our lives. Planning for this stage of life, often in the form of long-term care insurance, should be a critical part of every retirement plan. As part of our fiduciary and RICP services for the people of the Inland Empire and Orange County, Safe & Secure Retirement helps you find the insurance plan to cover outliving your wealth. 

Long-term care for the elderly is expensive. Some home health care plans could cost more than $50,000/year, and nursing homes are often more than $80,000/year. Medicaid will not cover everything, and no major medical insurance offers long-term care coverage. Unless you have planned ahead for long-term care, your finances could dry up during this potential period of life.

LTC(long-term care) insurance plans were designed for people who are as concerned about outliving their good health as they are outliving their wealth. There are two types of LTC insurance: traditional plans and asset-based plans. Traditional LTC insurance is a policy that must be used for its intended purpose within your lifetime. If you do not use it, all funds invested within it are lost. In contrast, asset-based insurance is an asset that remains within your portfolio. If you never use it, the money returns to your family.

We Offer Long-Term Care Planning for Orange County

Long-term care insurance has become more affordable and easier to qualify for. Safe & Secure Retirement helps you find the right traditional or asset-based long-term care insurance plans to fit your lifestyle. Asset-based long-term care differs from traditional long-term care in that it’s not a use-it-or-lose-it type of insurance. If you need long-term care, there is a pool of money to draw from. If you never need long-term care, the money can return to your beneficiaries. By adding asset-based care insurance to your portfolio, you’re protected either way.

The Safe & Secure Retirement team is standing by to take your call. Contact us today to learn more about long-term care insurance.

Asset-based LTC is life insurance or an annuity that includes some benefits for long-term care needs, subject to certain requirements to access benefits

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